Glenmore ‘King Progress’ Sheppard

March 13, 1962 Glenmore ‘King Progress’ Sheppard was born to Mrs Doreen ‘Nenen’ Sheppard (All Saints Village) and Mr Cyril Sheppard (Christian Hill). His upbringing took place in the village of All Saints.

Sheppard attended the All Saints Primary and Secondary Schools and the Antigua Grammar School and was an exemplary student who participated in all aspects of school life at all of the institutions he attended. One such aspect is sports as he was an avid cricketer representing both All Saints Secondary and Antigua Grammar School.

Those who knew Progress well recall, as a young boy, how good he was at quickly learning and singing over songs done by King Short Shirt soon after the monarch released them.

Glenmore ‘King Progress’ Sheppard
Glenmore ‘King Progress’ Sheppard

Progress made his calypso debut in the 1980 Statehood Competition where he was a finalist. In 1981, he was a finalist in the Carnival Calypso Competition with a controversial social commentary “Fire For The Force” which addressed police brutality on citizens. He was an active Calypsonian until he retired in 1993. He won the Carnival Calypso Crown in 1984 (Madness & You Getting It). His other notable placements are: 2nd runner-up 1981 and 1982 Independence Calypso Competitions, 2nd runner-up 1982,1987 and 1988 Carnival Calypso Competitions. At the 1992 Sunshine Awards, King Progress won the Best Political Commentary with ”Heaven Help Us All’.

Progress Record Shop was central to Glenmore’s business and philanthropic pursuits. He was the leading supplier of CDs and related music accessories and other travel supplies at the V C Bird International Airport from 1992 to 2015. Unfortunately, the reduction in CD sales as the industry transitioned negatively impacted his ability to transition to the new terminal. He now operates from the Heritage Quay. evolving to survive the changing business environment.

Apart from his musical and business accomplishments, King Progress has been heavily involved in community activities. He was the brainchild, chief organiser and main sponsor of the 2005 All Saints Village Reunion which is seen as the catalyst for the numerous reunions impacting communities since. He has given to numerous schools and community initiatives and has been a core sponsor of Barbuda Caribana for many years. He continues to support the development of the Calypso artform through thousands invested annually in supporting recordings by various artists.