About Us

Growth includes evolving and pursuing passions!!

My life can be summed up in the continuous pursuit of adventures and unleashing new ways to be, to share, a determination to ensure that every moment matters, to contribute to a better quality living experience.

As part of my evolution, I immerse myself in curating and sharing the history of my twin-island paradise, Antigua and Barbuda. Thus, the birth of petrathespectator.com

The mission of petrathespectator.com is inform and educate visitors on the way of life of Antigua and Barbuda through the lessons of our history through the eyes of our people, past and present, our institutions and the many events that shaped our growth and development. The pathway to our tomorrow.

There is also entertainment, cultural immersion and a lot to smile about.

My 268 is a gem and I welcome you to explore here, about us, by us, for us. Let me take you there in word, in photos, in through the multiple media options available.

If you are inspired to come on an adventure with me, through Benna Tours ‘let me take you there’.

Happy Browsing