Alincia Williams-Grant

September 2, 1972 – Alincia Toshiba Harriet Williams-Grant was born to Charlesworth Rolston ‘Cocksie’ Williams and Janet Williams nee Joseph, both of New Winthorpes-Blizzard.

Alincia has spent most of her life in the New Winthorpes-Blizzard community where she still resides today. She resided Pigotts Village for an interlude during her later primary and secondary school years.

Having attended the Pilgrim High School for primary school foundation, Alincia completed her secondary education at the Clare Hall Secondary School and the rights of passage at the Advanced Level Department of the Antigua State College.  She holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from the University of Wolverhampton, and a Legal Education Certificate from the Hugh Wooding Law School.

Williams-Grant was engaged as legal officer for the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (2002-2004) then Legal Counsel/Corporate Secretary at the Antigua Commercial Bank (2004-2009). She has been an Attorney-at-Law and Notary Republic at Williams Grant Inc since 2008. She is currently the Managing Director and Senior Attorney at the civil law practice of Williams Grant Inc., Attorneys-At-Law & Notaries Public.

In 2008 Williams-Grant was elected as a Director at the Antigua Commercial Bank (ACB).  During her six years on the Board of Directors for ACB she served as a member of the Corporate Governance, Human Resource and Investment Committees, and as Chairperson of the Strategic Review Committee.

Senator Williams-Grant has an extensive portfolio of community and national service. She has served at varying levels of the Kiwanis Club of St. Johns, including Club President, 2005- 2006.  She also continues to serve as director and of secretary of local charities and non-governmental organisations designed to empower and serve women and youth. Notably, she was the Treasurer of the Antigua and Barbuda Bar Council from 2009 to 2015, Treasurer for her home congregation the Judges Hill Moravian Church, and served as Treasurer of the New Winthorpes 50th Anniversary Relocation Committee. She has served as Trustee and Executive Member of the Antigua Trades & Labour Union. She is a founding director of the gender activist group, Women Against Rape (WAR) a committed member of the Moravian Church.

She serves as Legal Advisor to the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) and contested the ABLP’s Primary to select its candidate in the St. George’s Constituency in 2007.

In 2014, Williams-Grant was elected President of the Senate of Antigua and Barbuda. At that time, she was the youngest female senator to have ever been appointed as President of the Senate in Antigua and Barbuda. She was re-elected as President of the Senate in 2018.  Senator Williams-Grant used her leadership position as President of the Senate to advance the development of a Gender Caucus and establish a mentorship program for young girls.

The Gender Caucus also known as the Network of Antigua and Barbuda’s Women Parliamentarians was visioned by Senator Williams-Grant. As lead implementor she was instrumental in ensuring that it became a Standing Committee of the House.  The Caucus in unique in that the membership, which comprises women parliamentarians past and present, cuts across partisan political lines and seeks to advocate and support women’s participation in government at the highest levels as well as lobbying for the passage of legislation in support gender sensitive matters, gender equality and support for marginalized groups.

The President’s 10 is another initiative of the Senator whose objective is to empower young women to develop an interest in public and political service, while cultivating a network of young women to facilitate the exchanging of ideas. The President’s 10 was launched in 2017.

Sen Alincia engaged in an activity with her mentorship group, The President’s 10

Senator Aziza Lake shares on the invaluable contribution of Senator the Honourable Alincia Williams-Grant.  ‘Madame President is an excellent leader and a great mentor.   She is passionate about what she does and imparts a great deal of knowledge to all of us, particularly the women in Parliament.’

 Madam President of the Senate, Honourable Alincia Williams-Grant is driven to see more women become involved in politics at leadership levels especially elective office. Family life is paramount to Madame President who is married and is the mother of two daughters.