Kattian Edwards-Baltimore

June 14th, 1975 – Kattian Edwards- Baltimore was born to Cetrinella Edwards of Swetes Village and raised in the Ponds View area of the village, the first of six children. 

Her fondest memories of growing up include hanging out with her cousins and brothers and enjoying a game of dominoes. With her grandfather being a pastor within the Wesleyan Holiness Church grouping, Edwards- Baltimore was raised on a very strict Christian diet; attending just about every nearby church’s Sunday School or Vacation Bible School once they were in session. One fond recollection she has is of her grandfather insisting that they find the golden text for the upcoming Sunday sermon on their own and read it; a practice that has had a profound impact on her life. 

Edwards-Baltimore’s early education began at the Swetes Primary School before moving on to the All Saints Secondary School in 1987. Upon graduation, she gained employment in the Radiology Department of the Holberton Hospital in 1994 where she remained for twelve years before being transferred to the Ministry of Sports to take up a post as the first female cricket scorer and statistician for Antigua and Barbuda. Her interest in scoring took root during her days at the All Saints Secondary School when she was denied the opportunity to play cricket as she was female and the team was all male. They would allow her to be a part of their practice sessions engaging in every aspect of the game except batting as they were fearful of her getting hurt, however, when it was game time, they would hand her the scorebook and instruct her to keep a tally. 

As if to add credence to the adage, bloom where you are planted, being a scorer grew on her and she began to spread her wings in the area. She made her start as the official scorer for Buckley’s Village during Parish League Cricket and over time she was elevated to the First Class Division where her unique talents were recognised by the Ministry of Sports. By that time, Edwards-Baltimore had developed a meticulous way of scoring and presenting statistics which was seen as a great asset to the sport and ministry and, thus, she was granted the opportunity to do that which she does best. 

Her most memorable moments as a scorer include witnessing West Indies cricketing legend Brian Lara’s batting record of 400 not out against England at the Antigua Recreation Grounds (ARG) on April 12th, 2004 and Mali Richards’, son of National Hero and renowned Antigua cricketer, Sir Viv Richards, record breaking 319 runs during the Leeward Islands Cricket Tournament also at ARG in 2003. She notes that the reason why these two scoring assignments stand out is due to the fact that they have remained unbroken to this day. 

In addition to her role in handling the score book and compiling the statistical data, Edwards- Baltimore has assumed other roles in the administration of cricket over the years. She was the first female manager of the Antigua and Barbuda male under 19 cricket team as well as the local female cricket team and, from inception, she served as manager of the Leeward Islands Female Cricket Team for five years before stepping down from that role in 2022. Her accomplishments over the years earned her the title of Sports Administrator of the Year for cricket during the 2015 annual sports awards. 

On the international scene she has served as liaison officer for women’s cricket tours by Australia and Pakistan in the region.  

Her contribution to the development of cricket receives highest commendation from the Antigua & Barbuda Cricket Association.  Vice President and Chairperson of the Cricket Committee Kenny Lewis notes that Kattian is a changemaker on the lives of the members of the various teams she had managed.   ‘Kattian is very reliable and accountable as the manager of the various teams we have placed under her stewardship,   Her reports are all inclusive and always provide a basis for improving future tour organisation.  She also serves as a role model, counsellor and parental unit to many of the cricketers even beyond the respective tours and camps.” 

Edwards- Baltimore is employed by the Ministry of Sports compiling statistics for all the sports under its purview. She also serves as cricket liaison officer for the West Indies Women. 

When asked whether she regrets not being able to make it out onto the cricket field, Edwards- Baltimore affirms that she indeed has none since her experience has shown her that there is so much more to the game beyond the field of play. She hopes in the future though that just as much attention will be placed on women’s cricket as is placed on the men, and that there will be greater efforts to attract more women to the sport.