Eugene ‘Kaseba’ Silcott

October 13, 1966 –  Eugene ‘Kaseba’ Silcott was born to Ada Farrell  and George ‘Capsize’ Silcott in Montserrat. He spent much of his early years into teenager between Montserrat and Antigua.

His foundation years were spent between the St John’s All Age now known as the T.N. Kirnon School in Antigua and the Salem Primary School in Montserrat. He successfully navigated the common entrance to the Antigua Grammar School with a stint at the Montserrat Secondary School.  He completed sixth form at the Antigua State College (Advanced Level Department).

Eugene started working at the Air Traffic Services Department at the V.C Bird International Airport in 1988 as an AIS officer.  In 1990 he was sent to Trinidad for training as an Air Traffic Controller where he placed 2nd in the Caribbean.

He later went on to National Air Traffic Services (NATS) in Bournemouth, England for Radar Training and was the only person in the entire world who trained at that institution to get a grade of 100%, and at the PANAM FLIGHT ACADEMY (Miami) where he was also successful.

He graduated with an Msc in Air Transport Management from City University London.

He serves as Instructor/Examiner and the Air Traffic Services Operations Officer (acting) at the V.C Bird International Airport.  In 2022 he was appointed Chief Training Officer in Air Traffic Control at the Sir V. C. Bird International Airport.

Eugene foray on the music scene started with him having an ear and learning the basics on his own.  He was eventually introduced to legendary Roland Prince and had the privilege of being under his tutelage.  He recalls the remarkable nature of Mr. Prince and knowledge he passed on to him and the passion he imbued.  For Eugene, Roland knowledge and abilities were unparalleled.

Eugene plays the guitar and the electronic keyboard.  He was a band member shortly after completing school in 1988, playing in one of two predominantly jazz playing bands that Les Williams had on the hotel circuit.  His tenure with the band was short lived as playing out negatively impacted his day time ATC duties.

In the 1990s he returned to the band circuit as lead keyboardist for a backing band that worked along with numerous artists both local and regional.  He recalls the band was the choice backing band for Denise Plummer on her tours to Antigua and Barbuda.

His love of music landed him front of stage as Calypsonian Kaseba.  From his initial steps Kaseba has remained passionate about the Calypso artform.  He has been an active participant in the field for thirty (30) years (from 1992).  Over the three decades he has been a finalist of the annual Calypso Monarch Competition held during Carnival twenty-four (24) times.  He made in into the top three many years to include his highest placement of first runner-up in 2000.

Kaseba has participated in the Independence Calypso Monarch Competitions, winning the crown in 1994.

Kaseba not only sings calypso, but he is also a writer and an arranger.  He has penned many of his own pieces and is regular contributor of songs for Barbuda’s Caribana Calypso Monarch Competition and the Police Week Calypso Monarch Competition, and several schools’ calypso competitions. He has also worked with artists from neighbouring countries. He has also worked along with other artists on all aspects of their production for various festivals and competitions.

Counted among his most memorable contributions as a writer is his contribution of Singing Althea’s ‘Groove Me‘ and some of the verses and the melodic line for Lady Falcon’s ‘Apple‘.

His passion for the artform led to him being a founding member and first president of the Qualadli Kaiso Collaborative (The QKC) in 2018, an organisation dedicated to supporting the continued growth of the calypso artform and representing the best interests of the artists across Antigua and Barbuda.

He is an avid golfer and currently serves as the Chairman of the Cedar Valley Golf Club.