Dwayne Mussington

January 1, 1971 – Dwayne Mussington was born to Rupert ‘Papi’ and Cassilla ‘Caca’ Mussington. He has the elite distinction of being raised between the two Ghetto communities, spending his earliest years in The Point before his parents relocated to Grays Farm. He benefitted from regular engagement in both communities and remains very beloved and well known in both Point and Grays Green.

Dwayne graduated from Ottos Comprehensive School in1988 went on to the Antigua State College, Engineering Department where he became certified in Industrial Electronics (1990). Just before graduation he was selected by the Government to work at the Holberton Hospital as a Biomedical Technician. He pursued training in Biomedical Equipment and Medical Physics (Scotland UK) 1993-1994.

By 1995 despite being the youngest person working in the technical department at the hospital he was team leader responsible for several aspects of the technical operations

He also was one of the first persons trained in the operation and maintenance of the Dialysis Machines to facilitate the opening of the Dialysis Unit at the Holberton Hospital in 1997. He was also Cuban trained to maintain water treatment plants and boilers.

Recognising the increasing importance of software technology to the maintenance functions of the country’s largest public health facility Dwayne capitalized on additional training opportunities.

He recalled “While working on a Xray machine for almost a week with my former boss in 2006, we recognized that all the hardware checks were testing OK and within parameters, but the system would still not function. We called our overseas technical support team and they flew in a service technician and all he did was to uninstall and reinstall the software application and the system became fully functional”.

He immediately enrolled in the ABIIT IT Network Engineer Program graduating in 2010 and subsequently transferred to the IT Department after the transition from Holberton to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Complex (SLBMC) previously named the Mount St. John’s Medical Complex (MSJMC) where he still currently employed.

Dwayne has many passions. In 2003 he became a registered livestock farmer and developed a 25 acre farm where he raised Pigs, Goats and Rabbits for commercial sale. In 2005 he capitalised on training and turned fun of his early years and went into part-time commercial fishing.

Musician Experience – Mussington started playing pan in 1983 on the road with Halcyon Steel Orchestra. His first panorama experience was 1986 a championship year for the band. He became proficient on several instruments to include the Six Bass, Quads, alongside the Double Seconds, moving between them as required.

In 2011 he switched to the drums as the Orchestra lost two drummers in quick successions to local jam bands. That same year, he also assumed Captain of the Band and continues to serve in that capacity. He has also served as the band’s Treasurer.

Two-term Prime Minister Hon Baldwin Spencer, former MP for St. John’s Rural West and longstanding influencer on Halcyon Steel Orchestra shares his reflections on Dwayne’s impact in Halcyon Steel Orchestra. “Dwayne has been an exemplary captain who has kept things on an even keel, even during challenging times. He has been a sound steward of the Band’s finances and a stickler for detail, the latter trait sometimes making him unpopular with his peers. He remains a stabilizing force, able to bring people from various walks of life to work together.”

Dwayne has also played drums for many bands and performers across the island to include the Energy Band, Itchy Feet, Final Drive, Just Friends, X3 Jazz Trio, Dr. Roberts, Blade, Bike, Tian Winter, various calypsonians including the late King Swallow, King Obstinate and King Short Shirt. He fondly recalls playing a set alongside Eric Clapton who played an acoustic guitar, the tune ‘I shot the sheriff’ (on his ship).

Today you can catch Dwayne with Halcyon Steel Orchestra, X3 Jazz Trio and Just Friends.