Tevaughn Harriette

June 26, 1995- Tevaughn Harriette was born to Peterson Harriette of Dominica and Cheldrina Gomes of Parham. His early life began briefly in the Grays Green community, however, by the age of 3 his family relocated to Parham where he was enrolled in the Jump for Joy Preschool located in the village. His educational journey would then take him to the Parham Primary School and then to the Pares Secondary School. 

He is known by his moniker, ‘Peter Redz’ as a result of persons calling him ‘Redz’ as a young boy due to his complexion, and coining it with ‘Peter’  the shortened form of his father’s name.  As a child, Harriette noted the strong gang influence in the community at the time which created much difficulty for the youth to stick to what was right, however, the strong sense of discipline that was instilled in him from home and the positive distraction he found in sports, helped him to remain focused. 

Initially, Redz was intrigued by cricket as his father played hardball cricket for some time. However, his father was reluctant to take him along to matches as he was afraid that he could get hurt. Though disappointed, he would soon find another distraction in football. Living in proximity to his extended family, from age four or five, Harriette would often engage in a casual game of football in the yard with his uncles and cousins. It was these sessions in the yard that would prepare him to meet with Roderick Williams and Rolston ‘Debu’ Williams (deceased) both of whom he credits as having a profound impact on his football career. 

Peter Redz established himself as an attacking midfield or centre forward and was selected to play in the premier division for the Parham Club at the age of 13. He recalls the very first time he was selected as part of the team was in the final game of the 2008/2009 Premier Division football season. The team successfully came up against Jennings United and he had the opportunity to score 1 goal.

He reflected that coming through the ranks of the team was a bit difficult as more money was being spent on importing players. Whereas most of the local players had feelings against the import policy, Harriette took the opportunity to learn from these players as they were considered professionals in the sport. His dedication paid off;  enabling him to score five goals in a single match, and his time victorious 7 to 1. which made it possible for his team to beat Five Islands 7-1. He counts this as being his most memorable game as he was the only local player on the team and able to make the majority contribution to the win. 

Trevaughn contributed significantly to the Pares Secondary School’s dominance in school football throughout his time at the school. He would always be voted as either the player with the most goals, most valuable player, or both. His dominance in school football propelled him into playing for the national teams, under-17 and under-20. He recalls enjoying the opportunity to travel a lot; even while in school as a member of the youth national squads.

Though he played a lot of football while in school, Harriette notes that this did not affect his academic performance in any negative way but rather, it motivated him to excel as the coach made good academic performance and behaviour special requirements for playing.

Redz made his senior team debut at 19 versus Anguilla in the Caribbean Cup scoring 1 goal.   He would play 23 matches over the 6 years, scoring 6 goals for the Benna Boys. He also had the opportunity to represent other local teams such as SAP and Grenades Football Clubs in the regional Champs of Champs competitions. He has completed trials in Vietnam and the United States where he came in second place out of a pool of six hundred players after just three days of play. 

Harriette received an offer to play in India in 2018/2019 which he had to turn down due to an injury sustained during national team training which rendered him unable to represent Antigua and Barbuda since. He tried returning to play after one surgery locally, however, this only helped to reopen the previous injury. He completed a second surgery in Trinidad and Tobago, however, he is still unable to play as he requires another surgery. 

Since finishing school, Harriette worked in his father’s security company as a supervisor and today, he owns and operates the business.

Trevaughn Harriette UPP Caretaker for St. Peter’s Constituency

He would take his aspirations outside of football a little further when he contested the St. Peter’s seat during the 2023 general elections under the United Progressive Party’s ticket.

Though unsuccessful at the polls, he is grateful for what it has taught him. He considers the experience a good one as it helped him to increase in maturity and to be more aware of the plight of citizens. He is open to running again, however, in the meantime, he hopes to see better management of the country’s resources by those in charge so that citizens can live a more comfortable quality of life.